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Case Keenum looks for an open receiver Case Keenum looks for an open receiver Photo by: Houston Texans

The Houston Texans manage to score a few TD's, but end up losing to the Arizona Cardinals 27-24.

With the absence of coach Kubiak, due to a medical recovery, the Texans stepped on the field of the University of Phoenix with Case Keenum as starting QB. Houston came from 6 straight loses and this was Keenum's 3rd start of the season. Case's numbers against the Colts and Kansas were impressive, but so far he hasn't been able to earn his first NFL win and Arizona seemed like the best scenario to get his first W.

The game couldn't have started worse for the Texans. On the first play Keenum gets sacked and fumbles the ball for an Arizona TD, 7-0 with just 15 seconds on the clock. The Texans would get back in the game and score two more touchdowns and a field goal, 17-14 at half-time for Houston. The chemistry between Andre Johnson and Case Keenum allowed the Texans WR to score two touchdowns and put the Texans ahead and the fans dreaming about a win. JJ Watt was playing an impressive game and managed to recover two fumbles, while DJ Swearinger earned his first NFL interception.

We were looking at a similar version of the Texans that played against the Colts on the first half, but unfortunately they also showed the same Texans vs Colts from the 2nd half. Third quarter was a disaster, and the offense gained zero yards, while Arizona managed to put 6 more points on the scoreboard, 20--17 for Arizona. In the 4th quarter, Palmer found Andre Roberts and this one ran to the end zone for a TD, 27-17 for Arizona.

JJ Watt managed to recover a fumble and Keenum managed to take advantage of it with a TD pass to Andre Johnson, 27-24 for Arizona. With no timeouts remaining, Houston recovered the ball and had one last chance, but were stopped on 4th and 3 with an incomplete pass to Hopkins.

Another frustrating game for the Texans fans. With the Colts and Titans loss, this seemed like a great chance to get back in the game, but instead are now 1 game from being last in the Division. Foster is gone for the season, and the calendar doesn't get any easier with still 7 games to play. Up next are 3 games at home starting with the Raiders. The question that remains is, will the Texans end their losing streak this Sunday or will they take it to #8?



TDM.Shaughnessy 6 yd. fumble return (J.Feely kick is good)

TDA.Johnson 7 yd. pass from C.Keenum (R.Bullock kick is good) Drive: 8 plays, 49 yards in 4:52


TDR.Housler 12 yd. pass from C.Palmer (J.Feely kick is good) Drive: 6 plays, 58 yards in 2:28

TDR.Griffin 2 yd. pass from C.Keenum (R.Bullock kick is good) Drive: 9 plays, 80 yards in 4:20

FGR.Bullock 48 yd. Field Goal Drive: 6 plays, 15 yards in 2:09


FGJ.Feely 35 yd. Field Goal Drive: 10 plays, 43 yards in 5:12

FGJ.Feely 21 yd. Field Goal Drive: 9 plays, 59 yards in 4:23


TDA.Roberts 19 yd. pass from C.Palmer (J.Feely kick is good) Drive: 9 plays, 67 yards in 4:48

TDA.Johnson 5 yd. pass from C.Keenum (R.Bullock kick is good) Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards in 0:12

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